Own your identity with MemberPass Digital ID

The trusted way to verify your identity and protect your Directions accounts against identity theft. Whenever you need help remotely with your accounts that requires us to verify your identity, use MemberPass. 

✓ Contactless easy process, used with your smartphone

✓ Biometric authentication

✓ Free for Directions members 

For your account safety, Directions staff will send you a text to your smartphone when working with you. If you do not have a smartphone, we will ask you a security question for your safety.

It's easy to enroll in MemberPass 

  • Enroll – The Directions staff member you are working with will send you a link via text to your smartphone. You will click on the link and activate MemberPass™
  • Connect – Once MemberPass™ has been activated, you will enter biometric authentication (i.e., PIN if selected or facial recognition for example).  
  • Verify – Once you verify using the biometric measure, you will receive a success message. Our staff will send you a second text that you will click to verify that you will speak with Directions Credit Union to quickly and securely conduct your financial transactions.
  • Future Transactions – After your initial enrollment you will only be sent one text to quickly and securely conduct your financial transactions.

Why use MemberPass?

Protect against identity theft
Avoid sharing sensitive information
Remain in control of your privacy

With fraud and identity theft on the rise, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you’re the only one accessing your accounts. Especially when you aren’t in person, how do you securely verify your identity over the phone or online?

Wherever you are, get the support you need with two-way security. We know it’s you; you know it’s us.


  1. Directions will send a text message to your phone
  2. Then just one simple tap to acknowledge it's you, and you're done