Take Control of Your Financial Future

The importance of financial literacy cannot be understated. To help our members create a more secure financial future, Directions partners with a number of resource providers. Learn more about understanding and managing money today.

Foolproof teaches you about money, financial responsibility and the realities of the free enterprise system through highly interactive, self-grading lessons. This free, educational resource provides short videos, easy-to-understand text, and much more. Visit Site

Receive assistance with personal and family budgeting, personal money management, debt repayment, avoiding bankruptcy, foreclosure, and repossession from Trinity Debt Management. Learn about budgeting, money management, auto loan finance and more. Visit Site

Should you purchase or lease your next vehicle? Found your dream home, but not sure if you can afford the payment? Figure out what you can afford by calculating an Auto or Home Loan payment with our easy to use calculator tools. Visit Page

SavvyMoney provides consumers with a robust, yet easy-to-understand, evaluation of personal debts, incomes, expenses, and credit scores, along with powerful suggestions on how to improve each. Your anonymous results are returned with clear action items for you. Visit Site

Security Center

Be aware of common fraud scams, and how you can protect yourself from becoming a victim! Learn the latest scams and ways to protect your security online by visiting the security and privacy page. Visit Site

Visit this trusted site to get a free annual credit report. By reviewing your account information against the credit report, you will be able to detect any unauthorized account activity and avoid unnecessary surprises when applying for a loan, etc. Visit Site

The online financial education game that teaches young people about the money demands of the real world. Online players manage a virtual checkbook, navigate through some of life’s choices, and experience the impact their choices have on their finances. Visit Site


Credit Rebuilder

Your opportunities should not be defined by your credit score. Directions has loan programs specifically for individuals with less-than-perfect credit that are designed to help borrowers reestablish their creditworthiness.

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