Saving is different at Directions!

As a nonprofit financial cooperative, our sole mission is to serve our members. Our focus is on you, not generating a profit for shareholders.
As a result, you will find that we have fewer fees and offer better rates than a bank.

Banks vs. credit unions: what’s the difference?

The owners are the key difference. While banks have stockholders, credit unions are owned by the people who bank there — the members.

Every person who opens an account with Directions Credit Union owns a “share” in the organization and has a say in how it is run. This is primarily illustrated through the credit union’s annual meeting and board of directors. Board members volunteer their time and are ultimately responsible for the credit union’s direction.

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Ways to save with Directions

How do credit unions benefit members?

Credit unions are nonprofit organizations. Unlike banks who strive to raise stock prices, credit unions filter profits back into the organization, creating better interest rates and smaller fees for members. Credit unions provide members with services that help keep you informed and point you toward a rewarding financial journey.

Why should I choose Directions?

Directions Credit Union began and remains a trusted part of this community since 1953. You’ll find Directions has everything for your financial needs; checking, savings, home and auto loans, and convenient ATMs. Plus, something you won’t find other places, good people who are just like you!
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