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Credit unions are categorically different from banks, and the key difference is ownership. While banks have stockholders, credit unions are owned by the people who bank there, the members.

Credit unions were formed by ordinary people, with the purpose of helping each other. That philosophy guides everything we do at Directions. We exist for the benefit of our member-owners, not to profit from them.

Every person who opens an account with a credit union owns a “share” in the organization and has a voice. This is primarily illustrated through the credit union’s annual meeting and board of directors. Board members volunteer their time and are ultimately responsible for the credit union’s direction.

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How Are Credit Union Profits Used?

Instead of worrying about making money, we spend our time helping you spend less of yours. We filter profits made by the Credit Union back to our members creating better interest rates and smaller fees. We provide you with services that help keep you informed and point you toward a rewarding financial journey.

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As an owner of Directions Credit Union, it’s not only your credit union right to vote for our volunteered-based Board of Directors, it’s your duty.  This is one of the fundamental differences between credit unions and banks.  The election will close on February 28, 2018.

This year you will be able to vote either electronically or by telephone.  Primary account holders can only vote once and you must be at least 16 years of age.

Electronic Voting:   The electronic voting will be handled by CUBallot, an independent, secure website.  Just click to begin. 

Telephone Voting:  Telephone voting allows members to cast votes by dialing a toll-free number, 1-888-592-6112.  Simply follow the instructions.

As a cooperative financial institution, Directions volunteer board is vital. Made up of credit union member/owners, our Board consists of 11 Board Members and up to five Associate Board Members. The Board helps determine the focus and direction of the credit union. Our membership elects our directors as stewards for their funds, and the board and senior management set policy to ensure growth and stability. The Directions board has adopted the Carver method of board governance that focuses on the strategic direction of the credit union rather than the daily operations.

Members elect representatives to the Board annually. This is done as part of the annual meeting process. One third of the Board seats are placed on the voting ballot. Incumbent Board members along with members selected through the Nominating Committee are placed on the ballot for members to vote on electronically or by mail. The results of the election are announced as part of the annual meeting process.

Becoming a director means volunteering your time on behalf of the membership. Serving on the board provides a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie with your fellow directors. As a member of Directions Credit Union’s Board you would commit to serving for a term of three (3) years after which you are eligible for re-election.

If you have been asked to fill a vacancy, you will complete the remaining term. Certainly, as a volunteer position, you have no written obligation to serve any longer than you feel you are able. Associate Board members are appointed by the Nominating Committee. If you are an Associate Board member your term is twelve (12) months, with re-appointment at the time of annual meeting.

As a Board member, you’ll need to attend monthly board meetings and participate on one of the Board committees that you are assigned to (Governance, Credit and Interest Rate Risk, or Audit). Committees vary in the amount of times they meet, but you will be expected to attend the annual planning seminar conducted over a weekend, and an annual shareholders meeting.

Members serving on the Board also make a commitment to:

  • Continue to increase knowledge of governance, industry, trends, financial trends, the credit union’s performance, strategic initiatives, and services through various educational venues
  • Review the information in the Board packet to prepare for the monthly Board meetings
  • Represent the members and support decisions made by the Board
  • Participate in open, honest and constructive debate and treat all Board members with respect.

Please contact Jon Pollock at to apply.

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