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Credit unions are categorically different from banks, and the key difference is ownership. While banks have stockholders, credit unions are owned by the people who bank there, the members. Credit unions were formed by ordinary people, with the purpose of helping each other. That philosophy guides everything we do at Directions. We exist for the benefit of our member-owners, not to profit from them. Every person who opens an account with a credit union owns a “share” in the organization and has a voice. This is primarily illustrated through the credit union’s annual meeting and board of directors. Board members volunteer their time and are ultimately responsible for the credit union’s direction.
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How are credit union profits used?

Instead of worrying about making money, we spend our time helping you spend less of yours. We filter profits made by the Credit Union back to our members creating better interest rates and smaller fees. We provide you with services that help keep you informed and point you toward a rewarding financial journey.

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