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You can get a business loan almost anywhere, but finding a partner is nowhere as easy.

Businesses come to Directions seeking not just a lender, but a partner. With more than six decades of experience serving the business community of central and Northwest Ohio, and now, Southeast Michigan, Directions has a strong understanding of the region’s business needs. So partnering with us makes perfect sense.

Smart planning now sows the seeds for future success. A business loan from Directions will help you grow your business on your terms.

How does a term business loan work?

Term business loans from Directions provide a specific amount of credit to purchase assets or meet other operational needs such as financing an acquisition, funding an expansion, refinancing another business loan, and more.

Term business loans are repaid in monthly installments, and loan lengths are flexible and customizable to your needs.

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Term business loans at directions*

When you get a term business loan through Directions, you’re not a customer — you’re a partner. We’re available for a strategic consultation to help ensure you’re on the right path to achieving your goals and securing the funding you need to grow your business today.

Directions Credit Union offers term business loans that include:

  • Competitively low interest rates
  • Funds available for a wide variety of business purposes
  • Flexible terms for financing that work for you
  • Local business experience and expertise
  • Local business loan decision-making
  • Professional service and personal attention

*Origination fees are based on the size of the loan and subject to tiered basis points. For example; a $100,000 loan would be subject to a fee of $750.00.  The maximum APR is 18%.  The following minimum and maximum period for loans are as follows:

Short Term Loans – minimum of 30 days with a maximum of 180 days

Term Loans – minimum of 12 months with a maximum of 60 months

Commercial Real Estate Loans – no minimum with a maximum of 15 years (180 months)

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Directions makes business loans easy. A Directions business financing expert will work with you to create a loan that meets your needs and helps you achieve your business goals.

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