Earn Points You Can Cash In For Awesome Rewards

Directions Credit Union offers its personal checking account holders a great rewards program. Account holders can earn points to use toward merchandise, travel and more with our VISA ScoreCard™.

Directions VISA Debit Card With ScoreCard™

Use your Directions VISA debit card with ScoreCard™ to earn points redeemable for merchandise, gift cards and travel.

Get A Debit Card with ScoreCard™

Directions CU Card App is a free mobile app that allows you manage your Visa card(s) on-the-go and gives you the ability to control how, when and where your payment cards are used. Turn your cards on and off instantly at your fingertips. Set spending limits, defend against fraud, and more!

How to Get the Directions CU Card App

All you need is your Directions’ Visa credit/debit card and an Apple or Android smartphone. Click the Google or Apple buttons below to download the app from your device’s respected app store or go to your app store and type “Directions CU Card App” in the search bar to find and download the app.  After downloading, you will be instructed to create a login with password, enter your full card number and authentication information.


The app is user friendly and should only take a few minutes to complete.

Directions Rewards VISA Credit Card With ScoreCard™

Use your Directions Rewards VISA credit card with ScoreCard™ to earn points redeemable for merchandise, gift cards, travel and even erase transactions.

Get A Credit Card with ScoreCard™
ScoreCard™ Reward Points

Earn one point for every dollar you spend that you can redeem for:

  • Gift cards
  • Travel
  • Merchandise

Visit VISA EZcard located in Directions Online Banking and click on “cards,” hover over your Directions VISA Card, and then select “Manage Card” to redeem your points or call 1-855-483-5005 for travel information or 1-800-854-0790 for Scorecard general assistance.

Open a new Rewards VISA card and get 1,000 bonus ScoreCard™ Reward Points with any purchase made within 60 days.

Did you know you can earn rewards faster by combining the ScoreCard™ Reward Points on your Directions Visa and Debit Card? Log into VISA EZcard, click ScoreCard™, then “Householding” to sign up. Your Reward Points will be combined immediately!

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