Directions Card App Features

Keep a closer eye on everything

With Directions CU Card App you can see where your card is stored online, manage subscriptions and online payments all in one place.

Map out every purchase

Directions CU Card App allows you to clearly see your purchases on a map - right from your phone. Easily recognize purchases with clear merchant names, business hours, and locations. You can even contact merchants directly in the app to resolve any issues quickly.

Lock and report lost or stolen cards

Directions CU Card App gives you the power to report a card lost or stolen, and immediately turn it off right from your phone.

Don't let anything get past you

Stay informed as you go about your day with alerts and notifications. Real-time alerts keep you informed with notifications about card purchases. So, when a charge comes through, you'll always know.

24 hour self service, even when your branch is closed

No more waiting for your branch to open, going to the bank, or dealing with calls to customer service. Report a lost card, set travel plans, dispute a transaction and more, in the moments that really matter. Now you have total control anytime, anywhere.

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Directions VISA Debit Card With ScoreCard™

Use your Directions VISA debit card with ScoreCard™ to earn points redeemable for merchandise, gift cards and travel.

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