Introducing Directions Credit Union’s new Video Teller Plus ATMs

Directions ITM Logo

It’s Part Teller, Part ATM, but all Directions!

Directions Credit Union Video Tellers can assist you with nearly everything you typically do from the teller line or from the drive through. It’s easy to use and saves time!

  • Get Cash (1’s, 5’s, 20’s, 50’s)
  • Deposit Checks or Cash
  • Make Balance Inquiries
  • Transfer to Multiple Accounts
  • Make Loan or Credit Card Payments
  • And more!

Connect with a Teller during normal business hours or insert your Debit Card for enhanced ATM access 24/7.

Adding these Video Tellers means more options for fast, efficient, and most important, personalized service.   It’s just another way Directions is providing expanded options to serve you better and allow you to Choose your Own Direction.

Note: Shared Branching is not available for Video Teller plus ATMs. Visit the lobby for assistance.