How To Make Your Dorm Room More Like Home

College Credit

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Chances are, your college dorm room is never going to be as good as your childhood bedroom, but with a few tricks, you can make it feel pretty close.  Here are some low-cost hacks that can turn the institutional discomfort of your dorm room into the comfort of your parents’ home. 1.) Soften your bed Most people don’t get a …

DCU Fraud Policy Overview: Debit/Credit Card Data Breaches

Security and Scams

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It can be overwhelming and maybe even frightening sometimes, with seemingly endless reports of data breaches, cyber-attacks and fraud. Here at Directions, we want to help keep you “in the loop” as much as possible. How data breaches occur When you use your credit/debit card at a merchant, most have a system that enables them to process your payment. These …

DCU Fraud Q&A: Debit/Credit Card Data Breach

Security and Scams

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Data breaches are becoming more common. Because of this, we put together a quick Q&A to help answer your questions and provide you with instructions on what to do next.   Q: What is a data breach? A: A data breach is when someone infiltrates a merchant’s network and steals customer information. This can include name, address, social security number, …

Preparing Your Kids For College: The Must Have Money Talk

College Credit

Mother and teenage son sitting on couch, laptop on son's lap while mom is pointing at screen, both smiling

College is more than a formal education. It’s a time for kids to take responsibility for their finances. Many college freshmen have had minimal experience dealing with money. Typically they come from living in a parent controlled world where they have rules, and they know their limits. College offers a sense of freedom that could cause financial problems if not handled …

Kick Off A Safe And Healthy Summer

Life and Money

Group of young female and male friends in a group shot, all smiling, laying on sand in the summer and all reaching for a football

Memorial Day is the traditional start of summer, meaning outdoor time, swimming, picnics and travel. Here are tips to keep your family healthy, happy and far from the ER. Not Looking Forward To Swimsuit Season? If you want to lose weight, says Lisa Lillien of the Hungry Girl website, don’t use crash diets, just make healthy choices. Spend weekend time …

Newlyweds: Don’t Let Financial Stress Take The Cake

Life and Money

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Of all the things to discuss before marriage, finances are the least exciting. Statistically, money is the top reason couples argue and financial arguments are among the top predictors of divorce. So, how can you avoid becoming a statistic? Here are some ideas from the experts: Talk To Each Other A 2013 poll by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling …