Stay Safe With Contactless Banking

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As our community continues to see increases in COVID-19 cases, our members’ and employees’ health and safety remain a top priority.  Therefore, to help each other during this challenging time, we want to remind you of our contactless banking options that make it easy to access and manage your account.

Below are numerous Directions contactless banking services, organized alphabetically by your banking need, to help keep you safe.

Apply for a Credit Card

Directions Credit Union Website – To apply for a Directions Rewards Visa Credit Card online, visit our website and click the red “Apply Now” button to apply.  Here, you’ll also find a list of features, rates, reward information, and resources such as our “Intro Guide to Understanding Credit” and “Credit Card Comparison Checklist.”

Apply for a Loan

Online and Mobile Banking – With online banking and mobile banking, it’s your money, on your schedule. In addition to managing your accounts and performing various transactions, you can also apply for loans. It’s easy to enroll, user-friendly, and saves you time by allowing you to skip the branch and bank at home.

Directions Credit Union Website – You can also apply for a loan online through our website.  View our rates and product descriptions to find the best loan to fit your needs.  Click on the “Personal” tab at the top of the page and then selecting an option from the “Borrow” list. Next to each product is a red button labeled “Apply Now.”  Simply click that button and apply in three easy steps.


Directions ATMs – There is an ATM available 24/7 at every Directions Credit Union branch.  Visit here for a list of our locations and ATMs.

Night Deposit DropBox – You can also drop off your deposits in our Night Deposit DropBox.  We are currently checking those frequently throughout the day.

Remote Deposit CaptureMobile Banking App users can deposit checks or money orders from their smartphone anytime, anywhere with remote deposit capture.

Making Payments & Transferring Money

Online and Mobile Banking – Make payments on your Directions loans or credit card and transfer money between your accounts with online and mobile banking. Our Video Resources page is full of video tutorials to help walk you through various transactions, including transferring funds, making external transfers, and person to person payments.

Portal Pay with No Service Fee – Portal Pay allows you to make loan payments to any Directions loan through your Directions or another financial institution’s debit card, credit card, or checking account.  To access our Portal Pay service, click here. To learn more about Portal Pay and how to use it, check out our Portal Pay video tutorial.

Open an Account

Directions Credit Union Website – Open a checking account, savings account, and certificates securely through our website by clicking the red “Open An Account” button next to each product.

Online and Mobile Banking – Yes, you can even open accounts with our online and mobile banking services!  In online banking, click on the tab at the top that says “open/apply.”  Look for that same option located in the drop-down menu of our mobile banking app.


Rite Aid ATM Network – Directions members can use ATMs at any Rite Aid store in Ohio — for FREE! Find a Rite ATM location here.

Alliance One ATM Network – ATMs that are part of the Alliance One network do not assess a usage surcharge when you withdraw cash. Find an Alliance One ATM here or download The Alliance One ATM Finder App.

Directions ATMs – ATMs are available 24/7 at every Directions Credit Union branch location.  Visit here for a list of our locations and ATMs.

Contactless Banking Doesn’t Mean You Are Alone

If you need assistance with our contactless services or have any questions, we are here to help! Contact us by phone or email during regular business hours.  Or, if you are experiencing more complex issues, you can schedule an appointment to sit down with a member service representative here.