Is There an End to Credit Card Debt?

Personal Finances

With consumer debt at an all-time high, this is a question that many Americans are grappling with right now. The credit card trap can easily make you feel like there’s no way out, but this is far from the truth. Yes, you can break free! With the right tools and the willingness to work hard at your goal until it’s …

Don’t Get Caught in a Debt Collection Scam

Security and Scams

Dont Get Caught In A Debt Collection Scam

Debt-collection scams exploit the feelings of helplessness and overwhelm to lure victims. Let’s take a look at these scams and how to keep yourself from falling victim. How the scams play out In a debt-collection scam, a scammer posing as a debt collector will call a victim to demand payment for an outstanding debt. The caller insists on a specific …

Beware of Debt-Collection Scams

Security and Scams

No matter what’s going in with the economy, debt-collection scams are always around.  Now, scammers are exploiting the financial downturn by tricking unsuspecting victims into paying for debts that don’t actually exist or using abusive tactics to collect legitimate debts. Don’t be the next victim of a debt-collection scam. Here’s all you need to know about these scams: How the …