Time Is Money: How To Calculate Your Wage For Savings

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Woman holding a fan of one hundred dollar bills in both hands up near her face with a clock positioned next to her

Exchanging time for money is a basic economic activity. It underscores every transaction. You go to work and exchange your time and labor for a salary. You’re tired on the way home, so instead of cooking, you exchange money for the time and labor of a fast-food worker. You want to go out to dinner with your partner, so you …

Share Savings Certificates: How To Keep Your Money Spinning

That Makes Cents

Man smiling while counting out one hundred dollar bills: bills flying all around him and in front of him

Share Savings Certificates are an excellent savings option. They’re NCUA-insured, have a better dividend rate than a savings account and generally safer than the stock market. Before you lock your money up, though, answer these questions: 1.) What am I saving for? If you’re saving for a rainy day, you’ll need the flexibility to withdraw your money quickly. Consider a …