Mobile Banking – Stay On Top Of Your Finances While On The Go

Personal Finances

If you’d like to add a ton of convenience and peace of mind to your life, consider mobile banking. With a couple of taps, you can access a whole suite of financial information. Let’s look at four scenarios where mobile banking can save you some time and even some money:

1.) Say goodbye to security woes

Despite all of the data breaches, no one has figured out how to compromise mobile devices as a platform. Security leaks have affected PCs, Macs, and point of sale terminals, but no widespread security vulnerability has compromised mobile banking. Despite the fear, mobile banking is a fundamentally secure platform.

The first reason for this is the plurality of platforms. You and your neighbor may not be able to share cellphone chargers, apps, or other experiences. This diversity makes it difficult for a single vulnerability to affect many users. Since there’s less possibility of massive scale attacks, hackers have minimal incentive to dedicate time toward trying to compromise mobile platforms.

The second reason for this is the tight control placed on mobile devices. Because these devices have to send regular usage information back to your mobile provider, they tend to be far less prone to modification. There’s not as much you can do to an iPhone or an Android as you can to a PC. While some users might override those protections, such modifications are not widespread enough to justify attempted infiltration.

Mobile banking is secure and safe. Data transmitted from your cellphone to your provider is heavily encrypted. If you lose your phone, it can be remotely deactivated, and passwords usually aren’t stored on the device.

2.) You can check your balance any time

No more waiting for your paper statement every month. With mobile banking, you can view transactions while waiting for a bus or in line at a restaurant. You can stay vigilant against illegal account access any time you’ve got your phone and a spare few seconds.

The convenience of mobile banking can also keep you from making costly mistakes. If you know funds may be running tight, check your account balance while in the checkout line to make sure you can cover the cost of your purchases.

You can also help to prevent errors with mobile banking. By regularly checking your account statement, you can catch these pesky problems before they turn into significant issues.

3.) It’s where you’ll find the next big thing

Mobile payments and mobile check depositing are becoming more widely available and used in many places. As technology gets better, these functions will become cheaper, faster, and even more widespread. If mobile banking doesn’t do something you need, wait six months. Someone will probably find an app for that.

4.) 24-hour-a-day instant access

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night in a panic because you can’t remember if you paid your electric bill? Ever have a tiny freak out on the bus because you suspect someone may have accessed your account? Are money worries preventing you from enjoying your vacation? If so, mobile banking gives you peace of mind with 24-hour access.

You can use a mobile app to check your balance and transaction history. See if your monthly bills have cleared. Make sure your balance is safe. You can do all of this any time you’ve got your phone, day or night.

Mobile banking won’t replace traditional, face-to-face interaction. There will always be a place in the credit union service standards for human interaction. What mobile banking apps offer is a supplement to those high-quality services. Space-age convenience, top-level security, and blissful peace of mind are all available from your pocket, anywhere in the world.