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Directions’ youth savings products are great ways to help kids learn the basics of healthy saving and spending. Get started with a regular share savings account and pick a prize from Sparkle’s prize chest with each deposit!

Our youth certificates are designed for kids age 0 to 24, to help them get a jump start on saving! Plus, funds can be added anytime throughout the life of the certificate. 

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Ready for your first car?

Car shopping for the first time can be both exciting and intimidating. Our first auto loan is designed for young adults borrowing for the first time, who may have little or no credit history. 
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FoolProof is an online education resource that teaches you about money, financial responsibility, and the realities of the free enterprise system through interactive, self-grading lessons. 
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Finances 101
Finances 101 is life-sized game that stresses the importance of financial knowledge and how money will impact your life. Pay bills, get a job, and take care of your family in this fun and educational game! Click on the button to the right to get started.
Want to know how much your monthly payment on a new car would be? Or how much you should be saving for college? Use our handy financial calculators to help you budget!