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Updated 3/19/2021

Our new online and mobile system is finally live!   We have been working around the clock with our vendors and technical partners including Microsoft experts to resolve all issues.  The platform has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

You can now enter our new Online Banking and Mobile App!   You can access Online Banking through our Directions website or visit our new online banking URL.  Please bookmark this URL for your next visit.  You will need to set up a new user name and password, so make sure to select Enroll to get started.

Existing mobile banking members will need to delete the old app and download the new version. Go to the app store or google play store—type in "Directions Credit Union" in the search bar.  Select "Directions CU Mobile Banking" with the red star logo to download the new app.

Take a look at our Post Launch Checklist below for helpful tips to get you started.


At this time, we'd encourage you to take a few minutes and become familiar with the new Online Banking and verify your information:

1. Re-enroll in the new Online Banking.

You MUST re-enroll and establish a NEW USERNAME AND PASSWORD.

2. When you re-enroll after the upgrade, you will need to have your Member Number, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth.

Recommended web browsers are Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Members using Internet Explorer will not have the best member experience with our new Online Banking product. Click here to watch videos about enrolling in the new Directions Online and Mobile Banking.

If you enrolled in the new platform prior to 3/19 when we did the first launch, you do not need to enroll again. However, if you set up alerts, customized your dashboard, or created contacts you may need to do those again, as these settings were cleared when we re-launched the platform this morning.

3. Download the new Mobile App

Existing mobile banking members will need to delete the old app and download the new version from the App Store or Google Play Store. Type in "Directions Credit Union" in the search bar. Select "Directions CU Mobile Banking" with the red star logo to download the new app.

4. You only need to "re-enroll" once.

Whether you register for online or mobile banking first, you can use the username and password you set up to sign in for the first platform when you sign into the other platform.

5. We recommend using Chrome, Edge, and Firefox web browsers.

Please note, members using Internet Explorer will not have the best member experience.

6. If your online banking will not load, you may need to clear your browser cache.
7. With our new online and mobile banking platform, you can make the following types of transfers:
  • Internal: Move money within your Directions Accounts
  • External: Move money to and from your accounts at another financial institution
  • Contact: Send money to another person’s account (at Directions or other Bank) using an email or text message
8. Review your accounts within the new Online Banking.

With our new online banking tool, you will have access to all your accounts in one place. This is one of the most significant differences with the new system. All members should set up their own unique username and password tied to their Social Security Number. With one login, you will have access to any account you can transact business on: joint accounts, kids accounts, business accounts, etc.

9. Review your transfers in Bill Pay
10. All your payees' scheduled payments and transfers will still be intact. If you see any discrepancies in the new system, please reach out to our Call Center.
11. Mortgage History is currently not available online. Monthly statements will be available.


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