Credit Card Rates

Interest Rates Certified by Datatrac

Annual Percentage Rate for Purchases and Cash Advances

Rewards VISA from 9.99% to 17.24%*
Annual Percentage Rate for Purchases and Cash Advances
Annual fee: None
Grace Period for Purchases: There is a 25 day grace period, calculated from the statement closing date to the payment due date, in which you can pay the New Purchases Balance and any unpaid finance charges on Cash Advances shown on the statement to avoid a finance charge.
Cash Advance There is no fee.  Interest rate accumulates the day of Cash Advance.
Balance Computation Average Daily Balance Method
Method for Purchases: (including current transactions)
Late Payment Fee: Up to $25.00, 10 days after payment due date.
Over Limit Fee: None
Lost/Stolen Reporting 24/7
Auto Rental Insurance Yes
Returned Item Fee $25.00 per item.
Card Replacement Fee $15.00
Foreign Transaction Fee 1% of the transaction amount.

*Rate will be based on your credit history. Contact Directions Credit Union for more details. **ScoreCard™ Bonus Points are earned for every dollar spent when using your Directions Credit Union Visa Card. These Points can be accumulated and redeemed for great gifts, gift cards, travel rewards, hotel discounts and much more! For a free ScoreCard™ Rewards catalog, please visit

Credit disclosure is accurate as of 01/01/16 and is subject to change. To find out what may have changed, call us at 1-888-508-2228.