Back on Track Loan Program

Get Back on Track with a Directions Loan!

Have you experienced some financial difficulties in the past few years and as a result have seen your credit damaged?  Regardless of the circumstances, Directions believes everyone deserves a second chance, and our Back on Track loan program may be the answer for you.  Not only will our Back on Track loan help you with your immediate needs, it will also help you rebuild your credit.

Let us help you!  Directions Credit Union understands that having "less than perfect" credit makes it difficult to obtain a loan; so we want to help guide you with our Back on Track loan program. 

The programs listed below can help improve your credit

With improved credit;

  • You will have the ability to obtain lower interest rates on loans, which equates to saving thousands of dollars over the life of any future loans
  • You could save you money on your auto and home insurance
  • You have a better chance of securing a good paying job
  • You have a better chance of setting up a new business

To start the process of getting Back on Track, Directions offers the following loan options, depending upon your need.

Performance Plus Loan 

A loan that will help you with your immediate needs, and also will help you rebuild your credit, while at the same time rewarding on-time payments with a lower interest rate and loan payment over the life of your loan.

Features of this loan:
  • Ability to borrow money with not so great credit history and credit score
  • Flexible qualifying guidelines
  • Incentives to lower your loan interest rate and monthly payment
  • Improves your overall credit rating and credit score

Credit Rebuilder Loan

A loan program to help you establish or re-establish your credit when other typical means are not available. It is not just a loan, but a program that gets you back on the right track toward meeting your long-term goals, while at the same time helping you save money.  Regardless of your credit score or history, you will be granted a loan at a fair and fixed interest rate.

Features of this loan:
  • No qualifications necessary, except a reliable source of income that supports your ability to repay
  • $1000 loan amount
  • 12 month term
  • We will place the amount borrowed in a special interest earning account and we will place a hold on the funds until the loan is paid in full
  • When loan is paid in full, you may choose to leave the funds in your interest earning account, or withdraw to use for as a down payment on a future loan, payoff debt, or for any other reason.
  • We report your repayment behaviors to the credit bureau

Secured Rewards VISA

A Directions VISA Reward Credit Card that will help you build or repair your credit history as well as having the ability to obtain purchases using a revolving credit line.  If you are currently unable to obtain approval for the traditional unsecured VISA Credit Card, our Secured Rewards VISA will provide you an alternative way to obtain a Directions VISA Credit Card.  You will use your money on deposit in a specific share account with Directions Credit Union to secure our Rewards VISA Credit Card.
  • $300 Minimum line of credit
  • No annual fee
  • 25 day grace period on purchases
  • Accumulate reward points while you’re living life – one reward point for every dollar purchased – visit for more information
  • Free Online Access & Account Management through
So whether you need to re-establish credit, purchase a new/used vehicle, want to pay off some medical bill, or have a few unexpected expenses, our Back on Track loan experts are here to help guide you towards a healthier financial well-being while assisting you with your immediate borrowing needs.    Please Contact Us or visit one of our Branch Locations for further details or questions you may have.

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*For borrowers who qualify.  Some restrictions may apply.