Switch & Save with Directions

It's Different at Directions! 

As a not for profit financial cooperative, our sole mission is to serve our members. Our focus is on you, not generating a profit for shareholders.  As a result, you will find that we have fewer fees and offer better rates.

Savings with Directions is Easy! Here’s how you could save:

  1. VISA Credit Cards.  Transfer your credit card balances from those high rate Store & Big Bank Cards and save with one of our low rate, no annual fee Visa Cards.  Unlike most cards, we don’t charge a fee for balance transfers.  Choose our Visa with Rewards card and in addition to a great rate, you’ll also earn points towards travel & merchandise.
  1. AUTO LOAN.  Even if you are not in the market for a new vehicle, we can save you money with our low auto loan rates.  If you have an existing auto loan with another institution, we could re-finance your current loan and may be able to either reduce your monthly payment or pay that vehicle off sooner.
  1. HOME LOAN.  Mortgage and Home Equity Rates are at record lows!   With our low rates and low closing costs, refinancing your home loan can provide big savings.
Let us take a look at your current loans and determine how we can save you money!

How much you can save will vary depending on the rate and terms of your current loans, but its easy to calculate.  So, try our loan calculator, stop by one of our branch locations, or contact us

Switching your Checking Account is Easy at Directions

Getting nickeled and dimed by your checking account? Unlike most banks, Directions still offers a FREE checking account and FREE debit cards wih rewards.  So, don’t let the fear of switching, prevent you from saving money.

View Directions Checking Accounts and pick the one that best fits your needs!

It’s easy to switch to Directions Credit Union. We’ll give you everything you need to close your old checking account and switch over your automatic deposits and ACH payments. Or give us a call with your account information and we’ll handle the details. All you’ll need to do is come in and sign the paperwork.